Are Games a Waste of Your Time

Are Games a Waste of Your Time?

As we grow up, we create goals and priorities. We get married and have children. We spend all day working and, when you return, maybe you have a side hustle you’re working on.

There is never enough time to simply relax. Even when you watch a new Netflix series, you are probably doing something else simultaneously.

Mobile phones and gamesSo, to no surprise, video games, especially for men, is the first thing that is cut out. You’re not producing anything, so playing games must go. It’s a waste of time.

Obviously, as a gaming blog, we don’t agree with that at all. Anything can be a waste of time. Making food is about feeling well. Mobile phones are for communication. TV series are for entertainment. Without moderation, just like games, these activities become time wasting.

So, let’s start with that.

Moderation and life balance

World of WarcraftAre games a waste of your time? If you are not a Twitch streamer or an eSports participant, then yes. It’s unlikely you will produce anything of value during your gaming hours.

But just as you have responsibilities as an adult, finding time for yourself is just as important for the life balance as meeting your boss’ deadlines.

To find time to play games, you first have to commit to moderation. When you open up Steam, either set a timer or set a limit on how many rounds/games you will play. That, of course, means that time-draining games like World of Warcraft will have to go. But as long as you stick to your conviction, an hour playing a co-op with friends will make you a happier and healthier person.

The benefits of gaming

The benefits of gaming MinecraftWhile you are not producing when you play games, you still gain lots of benefits. Let’s not forget that games are active as opposed to listening to music or watching TV. Studies have shown that games can help with memory function, cognition, depression and much more.

The wonderful thing about games is that they challenge you. You have to be smart enough, or quick enough, or use your logic to progress. You can play games like Minecraft and release your inner creator or play strategy games.

You can even play on roulette apps and still get some of the benefits that gaming provides.

No, games are not a waste of time

Ultimately, games are not a waste of time. It depends on how you do it, but they are not. If it helps find you balance in life, if you learn history and tactics, if it makes you think, if it improved the quality of your life, if you get to spend time with friends, it is not a waste of time. Not by a long shot.

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