Leisure Suit Larry

Game Nostalgia: Leisure Suit Larry

Ah, the late 80s… the perfect time for a 40 year old virgin to explore the world in search of sexual fulfillment, right? At least, that is what Al Lowe thought when he designed Leisure Suit Larry. And let´s be honest, he was right.

Clad in his polyester suit, Larry Laffer starred his first adventure under the wings of Sierra Entertainment in 1987, back then when there was no such things as ESRB and sex-themed games were kind of normal. In fact, the game was considered a mold breaker, attracting a lot of attention from the public.

Like other Sierra adventures that time, the game was played in third-person using text commands to interact with the environment, figuring out how to obtain and use items to conquer the hearts of the female characters.

The twist was that this game was more about the jokes, than it was about sex. Even deaths were hilariously fashioned. Going beyond simple-minded sex frisk, the tale of Larry was one full of memorable moments and more than one laugh.

The art, music and locations were a perfect fit into the fictional city of Lost Wages. Talking about locations, they were few but exactly what you would expect from a place to make a one-night sexual last stand: the convenience store, the bar, the casino… every one of them with their own atmosphere and charisma, sharing relevance at some point of the story.

Laughs, many jokes about sexuality and a black humor that you’ll never forget

The star, however, was Larry himself. As one of Sierra´s most memorable characters, Larry Laffer was designed by Al Lowe as the perfect satire for the 80s chauvinism. He was an impossibly pathetic loser in a wacky world that made enough sense for him to be at odds with the other most realistic (to a certain extent) characters.

Unfortunately, as with any game series, some entries were better than others. The first three, specifically, are considered as innovative in the graphic adventure genre.

The rest was a bit repetitive and did not cause much grace, that is to say it had lost that “Boom” that shook millions during their first titles. However, it is noteworthy that very few games today will achieve what this graphic novel has achieved.

Even new releases of sagas such as Conker from Nintendo wanted to emulate such success with Conker’s Bad Fur Day, a rude, humorous title, and with much but a lot of sexism and black humor.

It is true, it caused that many users declared to be fans, but not so much that it will merit a second or third version.

Leisure Suit Larry is a classic that you should not stop trying before you die, surely a good laugh will come out of your mouth. By the way, a new version has been released for Google’s Android platform, with improved voices, new crazy situations and remastering of graphics.

Do not miss another article of nostalgia where more and more games of yesteryear, “old but good” will be remembered. Be aware.

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